7 Tips for Improving Your Horsemanship

These are not really beginner tips. It is seven things that riders often forget because...

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Horse training never ends…

Well, at least every time you try to stop training your horse further and continue improving, he is going to start getting worse and worse.

It is like this with everything actually, if you want to be good at running, you need to be practicing regularly as well. If you stop, you will start getting slower and slower.

So here are my tips to improve the quickest and easiest.

  • 1

    Ride at least five times a week

    If you want quick progress, ride on your horse at least 5 times a week (ideally 6) Your horse will not be bored and you will be getting great progress.

  • 2

    When your goal is far away focus on not accidentally skipping any step on the way.

    Everyone has a goal while training a horse. However some of the goals are quite far away. When your goal is far away focus on not accidentally skipping any step on the way. If you take it one step at a time and you never try to jump ahead asking your horse to do something that is too difficult for him at the moment you will always get there the fastest. Asking your horse to do something he is not ready for yet stresses him, and makes him loose trust in you. Basically if you ask something that is too difficult and your horse cant do it, you are teaching him to be worse and that he doesn't have to do what you ask. So if you have a big goal, try to divide it into more steps. So you can always quickly achieve your next step and keep moving. Keep it challenging for your horse but never want something too difficult.

  • 3

    Make sure you know the basics before you move on to something more difficult

    It is clear that if we want our horse to perform more difficult exercises, they are not going to be executed flawlessly in the beginning. However I always prefer to make sure I can do the previous, easier exercises well already before moving on to the more difficult ones.

  • 4

    Be consistent at all times when you are near your horse

    Horse training is not something that is happening only when you are in the saddle, it happens all the time you are near your horse. Even when you clean him, so be consistent at all times when you are near your horse.

  • 5

    Remember that every horse is different

    Every horse is different, and similar things can take different time to learn for each horse. The most important thing is the result, not the time that was necessary to get there. So be patient and enjoy every little improvement you make on the way.

  • 6

    Pay full attention to your horse

    While training your horse always pay full attention to what you want at the moment. Your horse is not going to give you his full attention, if you are not giving him your full attention. But after you finish riding always take a minute to think about how today's riding session went, think about what you wanted to achieve and whether you did achieve it. Also think about your plan for the next riding session.

  • 7

    Be happy while around your horse

    I believe that you buy a horse simply because you enjoy being around him and riding on him. If you are going to be happy riding on your horse, he will feel it and be happier as well.

7 Tips for Improving Your Horsemanship
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