Number one way to improve your horse riding

Do you know what every rider, doesn’t matter whether a skilled one or not, really needs in order to keep improving his or hers horse riding?

A good training system to follow.

If you have a good system, you can follow simple steps and the steps build on one another. You are constantly improving without you or your horse being overwhelmed.

Then, over time, you can achieve much more than you thought possible in the beginning. Trust me, I was there too, a little kid that just wanted a horse…  I have never thought I would get to the level that I am at now.

It doesn’t matter what are you trying to achieve with your horse. Even if just being able to stop and turn your horse in each gait is enough for you, you still should have a simple system to follow to ensure that your horse becomes reliable in every situation, and stays reliable.

Are you horse riding because you have to?

There is one thing that most of the riders do not have, that they desperately need. Take a guess and click on this article

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I am always surprised when I see, even good, experienced riders just mindlessly going around the edge of the ring with their horse, not improving or practicing anything.

Sometimes it even feels like they just have to ride, so they do a bunch of laps around the ring, and then they are happy for their “shift” to be over.

Having a system to follow is not just about knowing what you want to achieve with your horse riding, and how you want to achieve it. It also means really knowing how each of the exercises that you are doing will help you and your horse. With a system, it`s going to be much easier to get rid of all the bad habits your horse might have while also making the time spent with your horse much more interesting.


Number one way to improve your horse riding
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