Love horses too much? Your horse might hate you for it!

Can you love horses too much?

Its some time since this happened but its still in my mind. There is a nice stable near my house.

Basically, everyone who has a horse over there has a horse just because of the love of horses. I know that the horse owners who have horses over there are always trying to do everything they can for their horses.

However what we think is best for our horses is sometimes quite different from how our horses feel about what’s best for them.

So one day I was driving home and I saw a lady with her horse on a lead rope in the middle of a field. She went there so her horse can eat some nice fresh grass.

Also to let her horse know how much she cares about him she also kept hugging him as if he was a stuffed teddy bear.

She kept constantly hugging her horse until he started rearing, and then managed to run away back to his stable.

It was a bit shocking to see that the horse became so frustrated with the overload of love coming from his owner that he preferred to run away to his stable, instead of eating nice fresh grass.

Loving your horse too much can become very frustrating for him. Here is what happened to me recently.

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I am sure that the lady who owned the horse was convinced she was doing the absolute best for her horse and that she was not harming her horse in any way. However, the problem is that not every horse likes being hugged for half an hour every day.

We have a saying here in the Czech Republic that says “The way to hell often is often paved by good intentions”

I love horses, and of course, if my horse does something well, or comes to me, I touch him. However, I don’t try to overdo it. If you touch some horses too much, and too often, they might not like it, and it can end up for example like it did the for the lady and her horse.

Worse things can happen when you love horses too much

Actually, I saw even worse endings than that, when a nice horse turned very aggressive and started biting and kicking people just because he became so sick of being touched all the time.

And because I always like to finish up with some advice, here is one.

When your horse goes towards you, you can touch him and hug him a little bit. However don’t overdo it, and in the end, you can push your horse a little bit to go away. Basically tell your horse “yes, I love you too but now you can go” This way you show him you like him too, but you also tell him that it is you who sets the rules.

If you keep touching your horse until he leaves by himself, you basically teach him that he is the one setting the rules.

Love horses too much? Your horse might hate you for it!
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