Stopping your horse reliably

I get quite a lot of questions asking me how to make sure that your horse stops reliably. Soon I will send you a video that shows you my steps in which I teach my horse to reliably stop under any circumstances even without pulling your reins.

You will be surprised how easy it can actually be.

I am sure that everyone can learn it. However. even though I say it’s easy. it doesn’t mean that you will learn it in one or two weeks.

It takes some time to teach your horse to stop reliably without reins. And even though it’s not going to take two weeks to learn it completely, you will be able to see a significant difference.

Before you watch the video, I would like to point out what to look for and what are the important bits.

Always start practicing stopping from walk. A lot of people just skip this, because they always stop their horse from walk somehow. It is the easiest to stop your horse from a walk because he is most likely to be calm and relaxed. At a walk, your horse will have more time to react when you ask him to stop by gradually pulling your reins and gradually releasing them as he stops. Starting in walk and making sure everything is exactly as it should be. It allows your horse to learn what you want from him in the quickest and the least stressful way.

Later, when you begin stopping from trot or canter, everything will be so much easier.

Another important aspect is that your hands are going to be steady and you will be able to increase the pressure nicely and gradually in walk, while in canter and in trot it becomes more difficult.

In order to teach your horse to stop reliably, you don’t need any special equipment. You just need to know how to do it (watch my video that I will soon release), and practice a few minutes every time you go riding on your horse. 🙂

Stopping your horse reliably
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