How horses think. Should you act like a horse?

If you have been trying to understand how horses think (yeah, me too), maybe you believe that acting more like a horse could make things easier and more natural.

But first of all, let me ask you a question. Is it even possible to act like a horse?

A horse is a herd animal, herbivore and the highest priority of a horse is his safety.

In one book I have read that “life of a horse is as if you were walking through a bad neighborhood full of gangsters in a city that you don’t know, in the middle of the night…” That’s how you can imagine the whole life of a horse.

I am sure that if you were in such a situation, you would like to have someone with you who would guide you and protect you.

If you want to the relationship with your horse more natural these horse training tips will come in handy.

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Horses think mainly about their safety. They need a leader that will make them safe.

If you can be that guide for your horse, he is going to love your company, and he will gladly follow you even to places he otherwise would never go by himself. He will do things that he otherwise would not do by himself. However, you first have to prove to him that he can rely on you and you can be his “guide” that offers him protection.

If you were in that dangerous part of the city after dark, would you choose a guide that is weaker than you and less confident? Or would you choose someone who is stronger? Someone who others respect? Someone that you are convinced can protect you?

Horses follow those who earned their respect, those who they can trust, and especially those who are predictable and fair to them.

Another thing that you should realize is that horses never hide their emotions. They always act exactly according to how they feel at the moment. They are either nervous, calm, or full of energy that they need to burn. That is how horses think.

It is important to approach horses with a “clean head”. By that, I mean that you should leave all your worries behind when you go horse riding and pay full attention to your horse.

You don’t have to act like a horse for a horse to be able to understand you; however, you do have to understand at least a little of how horses think.

How horses think. Should you act like a horse?
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