Horse Problems – Don’t spoil your horse by doing this simple mistake

This mistake most likely causes a large portion of your horse problems!

I have noticed that a lot of people don’t pay much attention to what their horse is doing when they are cleaning him, walking with him on a lead rope or just taking any sort of everyday care of their horse.

Most of the people don’t care if their horse tries to go in front of them on the lead rope, or when he pushes them to the side when they are giving him food. Some of the things people just don’t realize, and some they simply tolerate. But your horse pushing you away to get to his food, or trying to walk in front of you can be a bigger problem than it might seem in the beginning.

You are always teaching your horse something, including the times when you are just walking with him on a lead rope. You are always teaching him to be better or to be worse.

You will be surprised by the number one reason that causes horses to get spoiled

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I am sure you know how you want your horse to behave.

And I am sure you don’t want to spoil your horse, so I really recommend to make sure that your horse always does it up to what he is capable of, and improves over time. Improving the way your horse behaves when you just take everyday care of him will make a significant difference to how your life is going to be once you get in the saddle.

The single reason for most of your horse problems

It’s never a waste of time to correct your horse when he does something he shouldn’t. If you are going to be consistent, your horse will improve and start respecting you.

The more respect you get from your horse, the more he will like you, and the faster he will be able to learn. Horses like to follow people who are consistent and make them feel safe.

Sometimes just making a few little changes, and correcting your horse can make a huge impact, try it 🙂

Horse Problems – Don’t spoil your horse by doing this simple mistake
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