Can you tell your horse’s feelings?

Can you tell your horse’s feelings? It is quite easy to tell, and we all sort of know how our horse feels.

Horses always act according to how they feel. They are never two-faced, they always just act accordingly to their current emotion. You can tell when they are full energy, when they are relaxed, and you can easily tell when they are stressed.

Horses don’t know anything different. And they expect us to be acting according to how we feel at the moment as well.

However, people don’t always act this way. Often we say something but think something completely different…

Horses are great observers, they can always tell how are we feeling, and then if we act differently it makes them confused.

So what do I mean by this, sometimes something happens during the day and it makes you mad, it can be something that happened in work, or you had an argument with your beloved half. Whatever it might be, when you go to see your horse you are still sad, mad or nervous.

Horses can alway tell the way you feel. They might not be good at discovering why do you feel that way, but...

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How your feelings affect your horse’s feelings?

Every time I went horse riding when I was mad, my horses didn’t want to listen too well. I thought that I do everything in the same way as any other day, and maybe technically I was. However, my horse was still able to tell that I am mad inside, and just didn’t listen to me so well.

After some time I realized what’s going on…

Your horse can tell the way you are feeling, but he cant tell whether your anger is related to him or not.

If you want your horse to listen to you well, you always have to focus on him and what you want him to be doing. You need to be calm and decisive.

That’s why when I get mad because of something during the day and then I go horse riding, I don’t teach my horse anything new, I can do some lunging, or go out for a ride, but I don’t attempt on doing anything too difficult.

Can you tell your horse’s feelings?
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