Is it better to do it incorrectly or to not do it at all?

I often hear horse owners around here being concerned about doing something wrong when they get their first horse. I understand they just don’t want to spoil their horse that they wanted to have so much. No one wants that. But at the same time who would buy a horse to do nothing with him?

Every time I am learning something new, I do a lot of mistakes in the beginning and then I just get better and better.

I enjoy teaching my horses new things and improving what they already learned. It’s clear that if you never worked with horses before, you are going to be unsure. Everyone has to learn how to handle their horse step by step. From the very begging, such as just learning how to walk with him on a lead rope all the way to the more difficult stuff.

Everyone had to learn and do their share of mistakes. When you were learning to walk as a kid, I am sure you fell many times before you learned. Doing mistakes is part of our lives. If you don’t do any mistakes, you are not going to do anything wrong, but also you won’t learn anything new.

You did a mistake! What is the impact? What happens when you keep making mistakes? Actually...

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How fast I improve depends on how well I learn from my mistakes.

Everyone who starts horse riding is going to be making mistakes. And you are going to continue making mistakes even as you get more experienced.  I still do mistakes from time to time, even though I started horse riding when I was 12 and I had very good horse riding coaches.

It only depends on you how well you learn from your mistakes, learning from mistakes is the way to improve.

Horses are amazing because they can tolerate a lot of your mistakes. However, they are always going to be happier if you just don’t do mistakes.

You really have to be doing quite a lot of mistakes and have wrong training system to spoil your horse.

Just find something (books, eBooks, videos…) or someone you can learn from and start having fun with your horse. You might do some mistakes but you will improve and it will be great experience for sure 🙂


Is it better to do it incorrectly or to not do it at all?
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