12 Steps to Starting Your Horse Without Drama

Getting your horse ready to be started is an extremely important time in his life. It can decide about how he is going to be under saddle when you actually start riding on him.  If you prepare well, your horse is not going to have any negative signs against having a saddle and a rider…

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The most overlooked and underestimated thing when it comes to groundwork?

There are a few things that are really important when it comes to working with your horse from the ground. Be in the correct position in relation to your horse Distance from your horse Never back up infront of your horse when he starts walking against you Use adequate pressure (you can tell what is…

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How to get your horse to canter while lunging (even without a round pen)

When you start working with horses from the ground, one of the common issues you are likely to encounter is that your horse will refuse to canter while lunging.  Most horses just speed up their trot and start pulling on the lunge line trying to get outside of the circle. Or some other horses might…

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Do this and you will never have big issues with your horse

You will have to overcome a lot of small issues while training your horse. With some horses there will be more of them than with others. However there will always be some. You cannot avoid having small issues. What you can avoid however are big issues. The issues that might force you to sell your…

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My horse started misbehaving, now what?

In this article, I am going to give you 1. step that immediately solves all small issues. We might have all been there. You have a great horse that there are no issues with, however, one day he just starts behaving worse in some aspect. Maybe he refuses to go forward in certain situations and…

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horse bucking

Why is your horse bucking and how to fix it?

Why is your horse bucking? But more importantly, how can you prevent your horse from bucking? Why is your horse bucking while you are riding on him? If your horse bucks while you are riding on him or while you are mounting, it is almost always because he doesn’t like something that you are doing,…

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Riding aids – Why is your horse confused

Do you have a problem with your horse not understanding your riding aids properly? How does your horse even know what each riding aid means? Imagine this, your horse is standing still and you want him to start walking on a circle. What you most likely do is to just squeeze him with your legs.…

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How to make your horse feel good

I believe that your horse can tell a lot of things about you. He can tell when you get scared. Some horses will even take that to their advantage and try to gain dominance over you He can tell how much are you determined to make him listen to you in case he doesn’t. He…

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Do you have a dumb or a smart horse?

Horses, just like have people all have a slightly different temperament. Some horses are smarter than others. The way you train your horse influences the way he is going to behave. You can calm down and slow down a nervous, scared horse that always tends to be too fast and you can speed up a…

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horse in a fiel with a trainer

Don`t do groundwork with your horse before you read this

There are a few things you should know before you start practicing groundwork. The first things you should know is why are you going to be doing groundwork in the first place. What do you want to achieve? I do the groundwork for two main reasons. The first reason is that groundwork is great for preparing…

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