Canter Leads

In the next video, you will see the way I teach my horse to always enter the correct canter lead.

Maybe you are thinking that learning how to ask for canter leads is just too difficult for you right now. And it doesn’t have to be easy to get your horse to always enter the canter lead you ask for.

However, in the video that I will send you in just a few days, you will learn the way in which you can teach your horse to reliably always enter the canter lead you ask for, the easiest and also the quickest way. I will show you all the necessary steps, so even if you are in the very beginning, you can still easily learn.

Trust me that you should learn this. The reason is quite simple. If you will be riding on your horse always in the same canter lead, for example, always in right lead canter, your horse might get health issues and back pain. Your horse uses different muscles in the right lead canter and different muscles in the left lead canter. Canter is not like walk or trot where your horse uses his muscles evenly. In canter, it is always more demanding on one side of your horse, depending on the canter lead. If you ride only in left lead canter, for example, your horse will be exercising one side of his body more than the other and that can lead to health issues, such as back pain. Your horse can even start limping.

Maybe it seems a bit odd that I start preparing my horse to learn how to always enter the canter lead I want so soon.

In order for my horse to be able to learn it easily in the future, it is necessary to follow certain steps.

If you skip one step of the training, maybe you are not going to have any trouble riding on your horse in walk or trot. However, if you skip something in the beginning, by the time you get to riding in canter, you might be able to get your horse only in one canter lead such as only left lead canter or only right lead canter.

The longer you will take to teach your horse to enter the other canter lead, the more difficult it is going to become. Usually, the only way to fix it is to go to the beginning of the step that you missed. The only difference is going to be that, if you have to go back and fix something, everything is going to be much more difficult. It is always easier use the correct approach right from the beginning.


Canter Leads
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