What horses do not forgive

Have you ever thought about whether there is something that your horse would just never forgive you?

Maybe you are thinking

well that is easy, it is if I got mad and punished my horse too hard.”

I don’t think that is the real answer.

The answer is more complicated than you might think

I am not saying that it is good or right to punish your horse too hard. No way!!

However, it is true that horses are used to beeing treated very harsh among each other. Horses can be very hard on one another and even though it might not be so common, they can deal with it.

So what is worse than beeing too hard?

It is to not be fair. That is something horses just don’t know and don’t understand, it is something that doesn’t happen between horses.

Horses can forgive a lot and they do forgive you a lot.

Is being too hard really the main thing that horses will not forgive you? There is something hidden and even worse...

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I think that everyone is unfair with they horse sometimes. Whether you admit it or not.

It is enough to just not be able to tell what your horse is capable of learning at the moment and want something too difficult from him. Or you might not be able to tell that something is hurting him.

However, these things will be forgiven.

What will not be forgiven is uncertainty and indecisiveness.

Horses respect and follow strong leaders. They follow them because they believe they will keep them safe.

Every horse is going to try from time to time whether you are really a strong leader worth following. You just have to be decisive and confident. It is not enough to try to fake it. If you are faking it your horse will be able to feel it the same way he can feel when you stop paying attention to him.

If you want to have a good relationship with your horse and you want to him to respect you, you have to be strong and decisive. You have to be someone that your horse will feel safe with.

If you were a little 3 year old kid and you got lost inside of a forest with your family and your parents asked you what to do, it would not make you feel good and safe would it?

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What horses do not forgive
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