Look at these wild horses

Recently, I found a very interesting film about the life of wild horses in Australia “Brumby Horse Run Wild.” It is 53 minutes long, but its worth it. I saw a lot of movies about horses, and this is one of those that I can recommend. It shows the life of horses in a way that I have never seen before.

You will even see a birth in the wild and how horses find sources of water underground. It also includes some rough footage of horses that were not able to find enough water to survive.

The movie shows very well the way horses naturally communicate, and the way to fight for a position in their social hierarchy. And let me tell you, the horses can be pretty tough.

You will also see how much easier it becomes for those horses who get high in the hierarchy and have respect of others. You will see how the horses that are lower in the hierarchy make space for those above them to drink even though they might die of thirst.

If you watch closely and think about it, it will allow you to better understand your horse as well. You will see that horses never kick or bite anyone without a warning. You can see the way the warning that horses give before they kick you looks like in the movie.

In the movie, you can see the warning that horses give before they kick. You can use that when you have to work a problematic horse, and avoid him kicking you or biting you. I mean of course you shouldn’t run away when you see the signs, but instead having a proper reaction that will prevent the horse from kicking you or biting you. If you get a warning from your horse but you don’t see it, or ignore it, you will most likely feel the pain of that mistake quite soon.

In the movie you can see the way horses build respect with each other. However, humans cant do it the same way as horses. You have to be able to get your horse`s respect without violence. You can get your horses respect without violence by asking your horse to do only the things that he is capable of at the moment. For example, while you walk next to your horse he should never walk in front of you, and while you are cleaning your horse he should be moving away from your pressure easily. Over time you can demand more and more from your horse.

But that would be for another blog post. Now you can just watch the movie, its worth it.


Look at these wild horses
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