Want to buy a horse? Avoid this number 1 mistake

Are you planning to buy a horse? It’s super exciting to buy your first horse. I still remember the time when I got my first horse.

You are searching through the ads, reading tips and imagining how amazing it will be once you get your horse. Most of the people know what type of a horse they want, they know how often they want to ride, whether they want to compete or if they will just enjoy hacking out.

If you are interested in competing then you probably know which horse is going to be the one for you.

How to NOT buy a horse

If you are new to horse riding and you are planning to buy a horse there is one simple rule to follow.

“The less experienced you are, the older and more reliable your first horse should be”

A lot of people tend to buy a young, untrained energetic horse, even though they don’t have much experience. They usually feel like it’s a much better investment, because they will be able to have their new horse for longer and train him themselves.

However, young horse needs you to teach him new things and practice what he already knows. Young horse needs you to be able to deal with the trouble that might (and most likely will) come. If you don’t have a good training system, and you are not sure about how to do everything, your horse is just going to be getting worse and worse.

Don't let your horsey dream turn into a nightmare. Here is the single thing you must avoid while buying your first horse

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Do not be the next person whose dream turned into a nightmare

I receive a lot of emails from people who ended up being scared of their horse simply because of these reasons.

Older horses are more confident, they know what to expect and how the world works. It’s much more difficult to spoil them. And of course, it’s always easier when your horse already knows everything and you can just learn it with him, other than trying to teach your horse something that you don’t know very well yourself.

Do this before you buy a horse

Before committing to buy a horse, ride on him multiple times before you make the decision and make sure that he is exactly how you want him to be.

He should have the right temper and good abilities. If you are trying the horse before you buy him and you already see some seemingly small issues that you think will be easy to fix once you buy him, think twice before buying such a horse. It’s always more difficult than it seems. And almost always the small issues grow into bigger issues when you buy the horse.

Horses are like people, every horse has a different character. Always choose a horse that you like, and never choose a horse that you are scared of, even if it’s just a tiny bit.

Being scared a tiny little bit, might turn into being scared a lot easier than you think.

And there is one last thing, also pay attention to the owner. If something seems sketchy and doesn’t feel right, it’s probably just better to walk away.

I hope this will help you to choose the perfect horse for you and allow you to enjoy every minute with him even more than you can imagine at the moment 🙂

Want to buy a horse? Avoid this number 1 mistake
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